How Good Looks Attracts You More?

Good looks will surely catch your attention. Good job will impress you much. How about a good heart, without the looks and jobless, will it turn your head? Or, will it shake your head- nope!


Pretty woman walking down the street, not Julia Roberts but striking and more voluptuous passing by will make your eyes popped, right guys? Oh, girls, how about Collin Farrell, ah what, Russell Crowe, okay, whoever is your choice. What does sexy means to you folks, honestly, was it the looks, status or the inner person. Don’t say, who can see the heart to determine the goodness

within, fine, good philosophy.


Physical looks is a plus, good status is financially a symbol and a good catch. Adding a good heart will make a person perfect, maybe almost perfect for high standards. Having all three qualities is lucky, fortunate, maybe a blessed one. Does it mean having one less, make you a lesser person and unfortunate, of course- not? On the other hand, reality speaks, physical looks catches more attention than having a

good job or a good heart. None will going to ask your job position to praise or admire you, none either will check your charity works to rate your kind and good heart. Nevertheless, physical looks can deceive even the most pure heart and can dethrone a king from his kingdom.


Given a chance to choose between these three qualities, what would you choose? A pretty face, of perfect physique that every eyes will praise, admire and desire? A good job that gives wealth and intelligence that can drive a king/queen dumb and stupid. A kind heart, so pure that can melt a stonehearted beast and can tame a devil to kneel down with regret. Make a smart choice, you know yourself more than anyone else does. One thing I believed, beauty would fade, a wealth disappear if not rightly handled. However, a pure and kind heart will remain innocent.

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