Atm Hackers- Beware

ATM fraud is everywhere and happening all over the world. Are you an ATM user, watch the video and you will be amazed how ATM fraud hustlers get all your information without any trace.

ATM is everywhere and is widely used all over the world. In the US alone, more than three million Americans are victimized by ATM fraud and still increasing in numbers. The video will show you how hustlers do their job without you having any doubts that you are using the ATM machine safely.

FIRST- using an electronic card reader equipped with a tiny camera and then attached

to the ATM slot without you noticing it. Check out the photo

When someone inserted the Atm card, the hustler’s data card will pick up all the details from the card. Once the person entered the pin, the tiny camera captures and recorded everything within 30 seconds. Then after the person left, the hustler will get the device and heads to his waiting friends. The data card then will be connected to a computer and downloaded the video. They will have all they need to make a new ATM card to empty the owner’s bank account. Isn’t it scary and alarming?


switching the card in a split second. An injured person pretending to withdraw or use the ATM machine but is actually only waiting for someone in queue. Once someone behind took out the Atm card, another watcher/hustler who have a sharp eye to see what kind of card the next person in line will be using. The injured person (pretending) in front the Atm machine is about to create a scenario and the watcher/hustler will come to rescue and just in time to switch the Atm card by the next person soon as it is taken out from the Atm machine slot.

Watch the video closely and you will be amazed how fast these hustlers do their job. This is not to scare Atm user but to give us warning. Personally, I am a victim of these fraud hustlers, good thing I checked my account balance before the scammers emptied my savings.

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