Are Homeless Street People A Real Nuisance?

People easily judge the less unfortunate ones as lazy, useless, dreamless, nuisance and so many bad accusations throws towards them. But, have you ever tried to know the real reason why they are on the streets before calling them names?

Homeless people on the streets are called by names and often accused when something bad happened in the neighborhood. Only a few threw them attention but still doubtful to trust them completely. Maybe some of them are indulge with illegal things and unpleasant, but not every one of them is an enemy. They also have dreams like you but unfortunate to

achieve any of it. They even tried to search their luck but never found a piece or nothing is left for them to pick up. Don’t judge them unless you got the chance

to sit and talk with anyone.

Do you think drug lords are homeless nor their gang sleeps on the streets with shabby clothes? Aren’t they the one who owns mansions, luxury cars, dining at the most expensive restaurant, travelling around the world and whatnot? They wear the finest clothes and look decent enough for people to admire or pay respect. No one give them a suspicious looks until caught doing illegal transactions. Still they are treated special inside prison compared to a homeless person caught stealing a bag of food. Who’s the real enemy of the society and who are victims of judgmental society?


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