Appreciate Things That You Have Before You Lost Them Tomorrow

Some people complain too much of things that they don’t have in life, but never knows how to appreciate things that they’ve owned. While there are more people who never had any precious jewel but know how to value life.

Human nature is hard to please but there are many who really are appreciable and know how to value small things that looks useless to others. It is true that most people who succeed in life are the ones who strive hard and some indeed go through hardships to reach their goal. But it doesn’t also mean that those people

on the streets looking miserable never tried to find their luck. Maybe you are one of the lucky ones and they are the less unfortunate. Therefore, aren’t you grateful you are not one of them? Isn’t a great favor that you are chosen among the rest who are blessed enough? Then why can’t you share some of your extra instead of spending to unnecessary things that you will only keep on display and leave it lying with dust.


Have you ever thought while looking piles of your branded shoes that

someone out there is walking barefoot? You want to buy that latest mobile and what will you do with your old one? You keep yourself updated with the latest trend and technologies every year while there are people out there who haven’t touch or seen one of that gadget that you have. When will you learn to appreciate things that you own? When will you stop buying things only to boost your ego? Do you think you may live for another year, a month, a week or tomorrow? You may own the latest gadget, or the world’s most expensive car, but you can never defy death with your wealth. So instead of wasting a penny for your next collection, share it to others and you will understand what real happiness is once a stranger say “thank you” for your kindness.


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