Anybody Can Be A Hero

Anybody can be a hero with no special powers or super natural skill to become one. The right time is in your hands all you have to do is take the opportunity or let it pass to someone else.


Real life heroes are not like the ones we have seen in the movies with super powers or costumes and special effects. Real life heroes are ordinary humans who have the opportunity to become one. A hero could be a stranger who passes by right in time and prevented someone who wants to commit a suicide by jumping from a bridge. A

homeless person becomes your hero by saving you from a robber. A bystander who voluntarily submitted himself on the witness stand for brutality is undoubtedly a courageous hero.

Too many ordinary people who changed others lives unrecognized by the book of honorable known heroes, not even by comic magazines. But they are the real

heroes ready to sacrifice their own lives without expecting any medal or interviews from the media. They are real life heroes who wear no special costumes with different faces and status in the society. They are the real life heroes unknown to others, not famous but able to saved others life risking their own without having a second thoughts.


Real life heroes are not fragments of imagination, not illusions from a child’s imagination. Real life hero could, be you just look around and grab the opportunity whenever you got the chance to hold of it. It could be you if you won’t miss the chance to reach the perfect timing offered right before your eyes.


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