Love Triangle - Another Kind Of Love

Love is free but certain people are not free to own. Love is for everyone, but not for people who are engaged for a vow. Love is everywhere and sometimes creates a love called, love triangle.


Love is free but you cannot claim someone who belongs to someone else. You may ask why you fall in love with someone who is not free? That’s normal, because you cannot tell to whom your heart felt love until that someone comes along. Don’t be sad, love story differs from each other and unexpected moment comes the least you expect it to happen. Again

you may ask why it happens to you. Who can tell when love triangle cross your way? No one knows and no one wishes to be involved in such situation either.


Love triangle is complicated, one must sacrifice and all three shall hurt each other. Pure is the heart of

someone who let go for the happiness of the others without holding any grudge, no ill feelings. Do not consider yourself unlucky once you choose to be at the losing end. Sometimes you need to let go of someone for the right one to open up your heart. Never regret letting go of a love you once had because love is not to regret but to cherish. Consider a lost love is not meant for you, because it belongs to someone else.


Keep in mind that you cannot love everyone who asks for your love. Love is free to offer or give to anyone without acknowledgment and that’s true love.



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