Another Chance Of Love

Losing you is painful don’t and ask me why. My heart can disguise, my eyes can hide the tears, but there is no other way for us than to say goodbye.


The pain living in my eyes
You can see how hard I tried
Hiding all the tears shy and sad
I don’t want you to sympathize


Losing you is painful to me
Don’t you ever ask me how?
Because I am not sure I am worthy
Of your criticize



I don’t want you to feel down
I know you won’t hold me back
My heart can disguise it’s alright
My eyes can hide all the tears from your sight

Don’t you ever ask me why?
You know you meant all my life
But I know you can’t live another lie
That you deserve so much more

Hurt me with your words
Than to see

you walk out that door
Thu I know there’s nothing left to try
No matter how you smile


But I can’t stand you suffer
So it’s better to hurt myself
And there is no other way
Than to say goodbye


There’ll maybe another chance
Maybe someday, maybe somewhere
Let it happen by fate
Or by destiny with heavens bless


7:23pm Sunday

Article Written By juny

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