Annoying And Depressing Statuses In Facebook

Facebook is a social site and one of the most popular social sites for all ages. People like to update their statuses like a diary and the easiest way to let their friends know what is going on their life. However, unnecessary depressing statuses indeed are annoying and displeasing to read.

When you are fond of socializing online, Facebook is one of the best sites to inter-act with real and internet friends. The site has chat box and added the webcam feature for better chatting without changing to yahoo messenger, Skype or other chatting sites. The site also has games which

youngsters are addicted to play with, pages and group that you can choose depending on your interests and hobby. The site also allows you to hide your profile from public viewing and other private option that you can choose if you want to keep your profile for yourself only. You can also find your long lost friends and unknown relatives from this site. The site also helps many people who posted “missing person”, job seekers and even finding love online. Nevertheless, there is one thing that makes this site annoying, when

a friend always put a depressing status on his or her Facebook updates.

It is true, some people update their statuses not only everyday but also few times a day always posting depressing words. As if they like attention, or maybe they just want the world to know what they feel. It is his or her Facebook account anyway and everyone has freedom to write what he or she wants whether you like it or not. However, why on earth keep posting a depressing status and when someone wrote a negative response, there starts a misunderstanding. Not everyone is kind enough to sympathize with depressing status; others feel annoyed reading it everyday and every hour. Therefore, if someone posted any annoying or depressing status always must learn to deal with negative responses. Besides, depressing status can also be contagious like how positive statuses can make everyone smile when they are sad or lonely. Why not post a happy status always that will invite positive energy and make your depression go away.

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