An Angel Sends Me A Referral Link

Not every referrer are good mentors or helpful in many ways, moreover accommodating. Lucky are the ones who signed up under referral link of an angel.


So you think angels are not using computers or don’t know about gadgets and technologies huh? You’re wrong, even angels joined earning sites and I am lucky to find one. When I started experimenting with earning sites a couple of years I am not aware what sites are legit and what is a scam site. I have joined and registered almost every referral link that I received from my email or from an online friend

promising a good earning. I joined several PTC sites and unfortunately cheated. Each time I am about to reach the minimum payout I am forbidden to log in to my account. All of the sudden my account is suspended or giving me a message that “you cannot log in to your account because someone is using it from another computer”. The worst part of it, my referrer is out of coverage area-lols.


 What a pity it has been, until I get tired of searching and never listened

to anyone asking or sending me their referral links. Yes, not even from a friend, not because I do not trust that person, but I am fed up with other earning sites. Eventually, I stick with my first earning site called MyLot. The site never failed my expectation when it comes to earnings and many members can prove that especially the pioneers. Until one day I received an unexpected referral link. I was hesitant because the link reveals a writing site. I am not a writer so how could it be, how will I ever earn from that site. But the sender encourages me to give it a try before surrendering my plight. I admit somewhat my hardness delayed my other fortune. If instantly I believed that angels do send referral links, then probably I have reached a thousand dollar this day and not two hundred dollars only.


4:59am Wednesday

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