Angel On My Shoulder

Do you believe on guardian angels? So how would you like to have an angel sitting on your shoulder? I wonder how big angels are or they remain little kids as mostly seen from the movies.

Have you heard this song from The Cascades, Angel on my shoulder? If you haven’t heard this song, I suggest that you check it from youtube, this is a very good song from the last century. The lyrics is all about wishing and hoping for true love. Tossing nickels on a wishing well and believing a fortune cookie is not a joke in search of

someone to love. Imagining an angel sitting on your shoulder is not funny either, but, for someone who desperately looking for true love, everything is possible.

I know true love exist in mortal beings; lucky are the ones who found such rare fortune. Does guardian angel has anything to do with finding true love. For all I know, guardian angels are there to save us from troubles or accidents, this is what I’ve learned long ago from my old folks, I don’t

know what you know about guardian angels then. I do not suggest checking your shoulder if there is an angel sitting there, but, you can take a look that won’t hurt you anyway.

The last stanza of the song says “so, I’m gonna cross my fingers, that I find a boy to love me true, and I’m gonna love him too”. The wisher is very positive although sounding a bit desperate. I believed that, when someone is looking for true love, the possibility of finding one is not that far. Wishing upon a star, tossing nickels or refer to a fortune cookie may sound a desperate move, but for a heart that never gives up, destiny will find a way.
 True love exists in every hearts that believes.


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