What Motherhood Means To You

Do you have an angel with you who gives you reason to smile every minute of your life?

Do you have an angel with you who gives you reason to smile every minute of your life?

She gives me the meaning of motherhood and made me understood how my mother endures the pain of labor delivering me in this world. She defines the totality of womanhood in me, the greatness of giving a new life. The woman in me being used as an instrument to deliver an angel, an angel that I own. An angel of realization, a fulfillment of womanhood and motherhood fold into one. She is my dream’s reality, my wish come true an achievement worth more

than gold medal, a star of fame or a record-breaking trophy.

The moment I saw her innocent face, she takes away all three days of laboring pains. When I get to hold her little hands, I couldn’t remember the hard time of nine months carrying her inside of me. When she cried and I held her close to my breast to feed, I thought I am superwoman who gave

this little thing instant food to eat. She brings many changes in me that made me wonder while watching her in her sleep. What a wonderful gift she is, an angel sent to glorify how blessed I will be. I felt elevated from a lady to womanhood and an angel honor my motherhood.

Now my little angel will soon turn into a young lady from that chubby cuddly baby. She still possesses that charming look of an innocent angel with sweet voice as she spoke. My angel without wings, no halo above her head but surely made you fall in love the moment she sings. It’s been 17 years since she came to me and gave me joy no words can say. The first angel of my life who defines the meaning of laboring pain means is- an angel sent to save you from depression and stress.

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