I Saw You In My Dream

Can this be love that I am feeling inside, or just a simple dream vanished in confusion beyond the horizon of mirage and illusion.


I saw you in my dream, same face, same place and same dress.
Your face gleamed with sunrays crowning your hair as the sun sets.
When finally the darkness spread you walked away passing right of me,
You throw me a glance and I saw tears in your eyes.
I wanted to ask why and wish to make you stay

for a while.
But you walked briskly, so I followed silently confused with a sigh.


Looking at your footprints as the sea waves washed it away from my sight,
I stopped and looked up, and oh, I lost your track.
I looked around but you were nowhere to found.
I run and run oh baby where you are gone.
I stumbled, fall, and feel the pain in my mind.
All of the sudden

I woke up from sleep, feeling missed, and feeling scared.


I sit down trying to convinced myself you are real,
I stood up; walked towards my window and stare the heaven.
There you are looking down from the sky with smile on your lips.
I stretched my hand to touch your face but then again you fade.
Are you real or you just merely a dream?
If so, I wish my nights would never end and be with you forever.


Wishing and dreaming are ways to satisfy a heart that missing someone. The only way to fill the loneliness inside, to have one reason to smile and hope to hold you one day in reality. Heart never stops believing when you have faith to someone you love.

Article Written By juny

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