The Essential Call Center Agent Symbol

You can easily tell by the look if someone is working in a call center company most especially those ones who are working with US account. Meaning, graveyard shift here in our place.


1- Finished an actual university work which is not related with call center jobs. Exactly, because, most call center agents finished/graduated different courses but landed with BPO companies due to unemployment. (which is better than jobless)

2- The essential call center agent symbol: deep eyebags and dark rings. This applies to agents working with US account, having job starting from 10 in the evening until six in the morning.


Can mimic any American accent- is a must or else, your customer will always ask for your supervisor or will hang up.

4- Knows nothing about the latest news and current event, but is aware of all Hollywood rumors- Indeed, he never knows what is happening in his own country but is aware of international news (a must for a call center agent since he is dealing with foreign customers)

5- The more gadget including nail cutter- aha, no time to cut even his nails, because the moment he reaches home all he want to do is hit the bed and snore. (the price of a decent salary)

6- Lost his sense of time the moment training began- starting from training, he is trained to turn the clock backwards. Awake from midnight until morning and sleeping the whole afternoon. (following US time zone- goodluck for your health, you’re health is insured for half a million anyway)

7- Fashionably rugged- since most of BPO companies doesn’t require dress code or uniform. Which, is preferable for most agent, they can follow and wear the latest fashion in town (big

salary huh)

8- Has forgotten what an actual traffic jam looks like- this is one benefit for agents working with graveyard shifts. Going to work at 9 in the evening, the road is now clear from traffic jam and going home by 7 or 8 in the morning where usual labor/employees are just starting their office works. (no more traffic and can reach home easily)

9- For a tropical country, jacket is now become fashionably necessary- a must, with a freezing point inside call center (brrrr…wear bonnet and stocking if possible too)

10- Have gone obese due to lack of exercise and abundance of food in the office pantry – goodness, this is what I always avoided during break time. (hehehe)

11- Coffee reigns as king – what to do then, that’s the best weapon for sleepiness and avoid hypothermia. (loz)

12- No younger than 19 but not older than 30 – Oh boy, be ready to lose your school boy image, and do not panic looking at yourself in the mirror having the face double of your age (ahaha- don’t worry, your salary is triple higher than those regular employees)

The benefits and disadvantages of being a call center agent, here in the Philippines.

Article Written By juny

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