American Idol Session 11 And The Final 3 Revealed

Finally, the last three finalists revealed after tears and intrigues shock both the participants and their avid fans. Who among the final three is your bet; hold your breath until the final judgment.


Joshua Ledet, Philip Philips and Jessica Sanchez announced as the final three. Each participant has their own sets of audience, fans and well-wishers. Who among the three will be the next American Idol, that’s the biggest event everyone is waiting for. Sure, the three finalists are now preparing for the greatest performance of their life, while their fans and family are even more excited than they are. Joshua

is indeed a good singer with a golden voice while Philip possesses a unique style, very original and distinct that gives him a trademark. Jessica obviously as one of the favorite among judges and intrigues now got the chance

to give American Idol see that she is worth for the title.

American Idol always tops the news since the beginning of its session. Many intrigues and unexpected issues arise when the top 24 starts gracing the audience with their talent. Each participants shines their own uniqueness, however, the best always possess the brightest star. Finally, the last three will show the whole world they are worth watching for and will prove America made the right choice. Are you among of those who favors with the final three, or your bet is one of those who did not make it? Whoever wins for this session, for sure will divide the whole world into two, half will agree and half will disagree.

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