American Idol 2012 Angie Zeiderman And Creighton Fraker

When Angie Zeiderman says she loves Lady Gaga I thought she would sing one of Lady Gaga’s song. To my surprise, she done a musical song that made the judges almost says NO.

ANGIE ZEIDERMAN Audition from Aspen

The moment I saw Angie Zeiderman and heard her say, she loves Lady Gaga and impersonates her; I pictured her performing a Lady Gaga song in her audition. I was wrong; she sings a musical song while impersonating Lady Gaga’s stage dance performance. Honestly, I laughed while watching her and the judge’s reactions as well. J Lo cannot hide her amusement, while Steven

Tyler remains his cool image, (being the favorite judge of the show, I agree) Ryan Jackson’s reaction is too obvious that he is too eager to express his big NO. Thanks to J Lo who says, “how many people come in here and can do what she just did”. Angie feels the discontentment on Ryan Jackson’s voice while J Lo is trying to shut him up and giving Angie a cue to try a different song. Angie shows her real talent when she sings “Blue Bayou” and made Ryan Jackson says “wow”. I was amazed too; she has a great voice opposite to her favorite Lady Gaga’s kind of music. J Lo is right, musical performers are great entertainers and she proves it when Angie shows her real talent that gives her
the ticket to Hollywood.

Angie and the group performs “Great Ball of Fire”

American Idol Hollywood week best of group performance, Angie and her group performs “Great Ball of Fire” and luckily, the group made it to the next round. However, Angie is not fortunate enough to make it on the top 40. Steven Tyler announced the sad truth that also made me feel like crying. I have two favorites for this year’s American Idol, Angie Zeiderman and Creighton Fraker. Angie did not made it to the top 40, however Creighton finally climb up to the final 24. I am now excited to see him performing in real stage with the whole world waiting for the next American Idol 2012.

Top 40- Angie is one of those eliminated

Creighton Fraker- how he made it to the final 24

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