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More than 11 million Filipinos are working overseas for the sake of providing better life to their family and a brighter future for their children. Living away from their loved ones, enduring homesickness, battling with physical hardships makes every Filipino a hero for their loved ones and their country as well. No one can define the emotional trauma living in a stranger place, mingling with foreign people understanding the culture and struggles, but they who are called “the new hero of millennium”.

Joe Marie Ballon from Ilo-Ilo City Philippines an X-ray technologist working overseas and never gets to see his

family for 5 years. He says that, instead of going home, he prefers to en-cash his two-way air-ticket and sends the money to his ailing father. Coca Cola give Joe the opportunity to see his family and his father to see Joe before he will lose his sight.

Leonie Villanueva from Quezon City Philippines a mother, working as caregiver who never gets to see her children and grandkids for 9 long years. She also preferred to use the money to pay for the new house rather than buying a ticket going back home.

Joey Doble from Pampanga, Philippines who have not seen his family for

11 years. His youngest son is just one year old when he left his family to work overseas for his children’s future and to give them a better life. What spirit gives him the courage to endure being away from his family for such a long, but unconditional love and dreams.

Three people, reunited with their loved ones. Three different stories and reason of sacrifices for the sake of their beloved families. Who will sacrifice for them nor make them feel they are also important and not only those people whom they offer their life and own happiness. No one will do, since they are the only salvation for their families. Nevertheless, Coca Cola understand them and every single overseas worker and not only Filipinos.

Who will be the next lucky persons and where will Coca Cola Happiness strikes once again, we never knew. One thing is for sure, every overseas worker engraved their names deep into their loved ones hearts.

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