World’s Venomous Creature, Box Jellyfish

There are 350 species of jellyfish known, however scientist estimated there could me more than 2,000 species swarming the oceans waiting to be found and explored from deep seas.


Jellyfish are found in every ocean and can be found also in fresh water. Jellyfish comes in different sizes, color, some are deadly and some are not. There are 350 known species of jellyfish; however it is believed that more than 2 thousand species are yet to be found. Scientist has evidences that jellyfish could have been roaming the seas for about 500 million years. Jellyfish population run wild that it’s not

only attacking people but also shutting down power plants, nuclear plants by clogging water pipes that caused the shutdown and clog boat engines.

May 2011
>Florida Memorial Day-more than 800 people were stung by jellyfish when countless

masses of jellyfish waded from Cocoa Beach to Cape Canaveral.

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June 2011
>Torness Nuclear Reactor in Scotland has been shutdown after wave of jellyfish found entering the plant.
>Japan Shimane Nuclear Plant operation was crippled by jellyfish attack leading to fuel rod meltdown.

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July 2011
>Orot Rabin Power Plant in Hadera Israel was shut down when jellyfish clogged it’s seawater supply. It takes a whole day raking using a diggers to removed the blobs from cooling system.

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