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Airsupply one of the most popular duo singer of the 80’s hit the US chart with the song “Lost in Love”.

Airsupply one of the most popular duo singer of the 80’s hit the US chart with the song “Lost in Love”.

Airsupply is an Australian duo singer started capturing the audience upon the release of their hit single “Lost in Love” on March 1980. The same year the song was released; it reaches #3 in the US billboard chart and becomes “Song of the Year” and “Most Played Song”. Lost in Love is also considered as the “Signature Song” of the pop duo. However, “All out of Love” surpasses the record when it reaches number 2 in the US chart and

becomes the “Most Famous Song of the Year”. Both songs becomes a big hit the same year it was released and made the name “Airsupply” their way to the top as Most Popular Pop Duo singer of the 80’s.


Graham Russell and Russell Hitchcock met on May 12, 1975 in Sydney Australia. They started performing as duo the same year in a musical show “Jesus Christ Superstar”. The trademark sound of Russell Hitchcock’s tenor voice and Graham Russell’s simple song creation with majestic sound, made them forever known as Airsupply, that none can ever questioned. The duo equaled the “The Beatles”

for achieving Top Five Singles in a year. The albums, Lost in Love, The One that You Love, Now and Forever, and The Greatest Hits sold in excess of 20 million copies. The album Lost in Love sold more 10 million copies worldwide reaching multi-Platinum status.


Lost in Love is really a good song, although I like All out of Love the most. However, it is their song Now and Forever that hit me first upon hearing it played from the radio. Since then, I started searching for their songs, buying Moptop and Songbook from market stall looking for Airsupply’s old songs. Who never knows the song Goodbye?

Airsupply marks their 36 years with the new album Sanctuary upon its released on December 13, 2011.

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