Afraid To Love You- A Poem

I am afraid to love you but I am not ashamed to claim you are mine. I am afraid to let you know but I am not ashamed to make you feel how much I need you. Why does my heart love someone like you who cannot love me the same way as I do?


Why am I ashamed to shout my feelings?
Why am I afraid to let you know that I love you?
Why I can’t show any emotions

when you’re around
When I am brave enough to claim your love was mine


Maybe you belong to someone else
But I am free to dream about you
Perhaps you are tied in someone else’s string
But I can wish to walk around with you


My eyes cannot hide the gladness when you pass by
My heart cannot deny the trembling voice when I say hi
My knees cannot hold the shaky ground under my

Every time you look at my direction, I lost control the whole of me


So please don’t stare as if your eyes are melting me
My shield is starting to crash showing my secrecy
I am afraid my emotions can’t hold my decency
Shall I confess my passionate love to set me free?


I am afraid to love you because you are not mine
I can only hold you in my dreams free from any shame
I can dance with your forever inside my memory
Until I am free to love you in my world of fantasy


4:54am Thursday

Article Written By juny

Last updated on 24-07-2016 239 0

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