Afraid For Love Before It Can Come True?

There comes a time that you hold yourself back from admitting that you are falling in love and why? Do you still have doubts towards the person whom you fell in love with, or you are too shy to show your feelings?

Bad experience from the past could be one reason to keep you holding back your feeling. Nevertheless, the saying goes, “love always finds a way” and no matter how much you tried to block every possible way, like flowing water it will dig its own tunnel. They said love is like a drop of rain in the summer that

nobody expects to fall during the dry season. So why not take all the advantage to dip while the rain poured down if you can. Such as love, why don’t you listen to someone whose appeal and desire is to indulge your doubting heart?

Afraid for love before it can come true?

No, don’t be afraid to give love a second try. Imagine that love is like a mirror and different kind of people looks to ensure

they appear at their best. Likewise in the field of love, it comes in different forms but definitely with one goal and that is to find the true meaning of love. Remember that, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder as well as love, not all sweet romance takes up till the grave. If you are hurt and disappointed for the first time, anticipate that on the second stage you will find the happiness of a lifetime. To win something, do not quit before getting started.

Do not rush, but never keep it too long either, second chance might not shine again. Because once in a lifetime, one perfect love comes your way.


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