Advantage Of Using Public Transport

The biggest advantage of using public transport is to save money. As we know that having your own vehicle means extra expenses for fuel, maintenance, registration and insurances.


Here are the list why taking/using the public transport is an advantage


Saves money
? Fuel is the first and foremost and we all know that the oil prices are getting higher due to this global crisis.
? Maintenance- having your own car you must consider extra expenses for your car’s maintenance which is very necessary to avoid engine trouble.
? Insurance and registration- although this is a yearly basis still you need to

have extra money for these a-must thing to do when you have your own car.


Meeting old friend/s and new friend/s
? When taking public transport there is a chance of bumping old friends, classmates that you haven’t seen for a long time or a decade.
? Meeting new friends is also possible especially when you are a friendly person.
? You will get to

know different people’s behavior too.


Meeting old flame/s and new flame
? One of the most exciting advantage is the chance of meeting an old flame (who knows )
? Consider meeting a new flame as well, which I think is even more exciting.


Relax or sleep

? If you are taking a long ride, you will have the chance to sit, relax and sleep for a while. Unlike when you are using your own car you will be driving all the way and the time you reach your destination you are dead tired.


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