Advantage Of Knowing Your Enemy

How would you rate this quotes “it is better to have an enemy who honestly says they hate you, than having a friend who is putting you down secretly”.

Of course having enemy is not good either, however, the quotes made sense. Knowing your enemy who honestly says he or she hates you will give you awareness. You know when and how to avoid them, but you will never know when a traitor friend attacks. Another saying says, “the worst enemy is your best friend”. Exactly, the person who you trust and knows every bit of you might turn into your

worst nightmare. Although I believe that depends on each individual characteristics and up bringing. Not all-best friend relationship discloses secrets or uses to blackmail their friend once they broke up. Some best friend relationship remains sacred even after breaking up. Because not all friendships that fade are caused by a bad trip, some are due to miscommunication and petty simple things.

Nevertheless, what is the greatest advantage of knowing your enemy?
When making

friends, you never wish to create an enemy, but this can’t be avoided due to different circumstances. Not exactly an enemy, maybe, someone who dislikes you among your circle of friends is likely to arise. As you know, the more friends you have, the more different types of characters, attitudes you need to deal with. In this situation, you cannot avoid clashes of ideas and opinion that might lead to misunderstanding. However, someone who honestly says he or she doesn’t like you, or hate you is much better than someone who pretends with a smile, but deep inside he or she is planning an assassination. Therefore, what is the advantage of knowing who your enemy is? You know when and how to avoid that honest enemy, but you will be the last to know who among your trusted friends betrayed you.



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