Advantage Of Keeping A Pregnancy Diary

Every woman has different experiences during their pregnancies. Some has difficulty and some has enjoyable experiences.


Once a woman got pregnant they approach their mom, friends and other mothers about pregnancy. But every woman has different experiences when it comes to this matter. We all know that some pregnant woman deals a hard time during the first trimester of pregnancy, while others do not experience any difficulties all throughout their pregnancy. Reading books and advice from experts is a great help for first time mothers. I suggest that first time moms must keep a pregnancy diary for future references. Yes, future

references since you might decide for another baby after a year or two. You will be the writer of your kid’s life from the very start.


What’s the advantage of keeping a pregnancy diary?

? You will come

to know the progress everyday.
? You will have a comparison with your first pregnancy and your second time and so on.
? If some health problem occurs with the baby, you can trace if something happened to you during pregnancy and if you got sick during pregnancy what medicine did you take. That information will be a great contribution.
? You will have something to share with your children when they grow up.
? If you have a daughter, you can pass it to her so she will have some references once she got pregnant too.



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