Plant A Tree And Save Lives

Tree planting, Arbor day, Adopt a tree project –whatever it is called, I know it is for our own benefits particularly the residents of San Andres Tanay Rizal –Philippines. This project is a part of UNTV37 advocacy, teaming up with the Philippines’ Department of Natural Resources (DENR). The aim is to restore a greener Earth. The tree-planting activity took effect last year of October 10,2010 and known as 10.10.10. Where 50,000 fruit bearing trees/ seedlings are planted at different DENR (Dept. of Natural Resources) mandated areas.

I am proud to be a part of this successful event with my friends who

participated and walked 6 kilometers to reach the area provided by the DENR. That is one of the longest walk I have ever done in my life; and I can say it is worth the effort and try. One of my foreign friend who participated in this event says she will never hesitate to walk another 6 kilometers to plant trees, if she

will be remembered that way soon as she leaves the country. Another friend of mine who is always supportive when it comes to advocacy closed her business on that day, to support this event together with 5 thousand people who hike the trails and cross the river to plant their tree and made their own mark/s.

October is coming and it is a year after we planted those trees. I hope that we will be given a chance to re-visit the place and the trees that we planted. Thu we are sure that those trees are well cared, yes, a group of youths religiously visiting and taking care of that one hectare of land located at the hilly side of San Andres Tanay Rizal.

It’s soon…Happy Anniversary My Tree !


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