Acceptance And Forgiveness

Speaking of human emotion, infidelity of a beloved partner is one of the bitterest situations which some cannot bear, resulting most of the times in crimes and the destruction of a family. You must also consider the situation surrounding the commission of such acts. Did your partner intentionally do it; or did someone who initiated the act force him or her.

There are few things to consider in this aspect. Maybe, the circumstances forced him/her to do mistake. We should not jump into conclusion, but listen to the person and investigate further before casting a judgment. After giving your best

to know the whole details and proven the person guilty still, never turn your back on him/her. This is the moment he/she needed you the most.

To forgive and to forget is attainable by the human mind and heart. It may take sometime...but it can be done and not impossible if we try it. There is not need for reconciliation or what they call "second time around". What matters most...are forgiveness and letting go of those pains that made you a prisoner of the past. Never waste your life thinking and living with the past. If you cannot accept the person, then forgive and let go. Put yourself into his/her shoe. You never knew what kind of verdict you might receive if ever you did the same mistake. You can never tell you will never commit same mistake unless you are in the same position and situation as he/she is.

If such situation hurt you and your pride,

do you think the concern person is not suffering as much as you do? The only consolation you can give is forgiveness; it will give benefit to both of you. You will have peace in your mind and unload heavy burden from your heart. At the same time, you are giving the person a good reason to start and repent. Is it not that good to both of you?
You may think, what if he/she will never changed and repent, what if he/she will never regret the wrong things he/she has done. Never mind then, it is not your fault anymore. As long as you have done your part, no one can blame you anymore.

Wounds, physical or emotional, can be healed by time, as an old song says “
…but time can bring a change of heart; and love can make another start.
Someday you may comeback to me to stay; but who can say how soon?"


In addition, the only way to achieve all these is...FORGIVENESS and ACCEPTANCE!

"There are things done which are impossible to be undone."
Human nature, behavior, attitude or characteristics. People are too judgmental without considering
themselves much prone to be judged.


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