7 Road Alerts To Avoid Trouble During Rainy Season

There are things that motorists and commuters must be aware during this rainy season particularly here in the city.


Rainy season is finally here in our country the Philippines, although it arrive a little late for this year. Here in the city, rainy season gives a big comfort as it washes away humidity, dust and also lessens the smoke pollution. As we know that everyday there are thousands of vehicles and millions of commuters on the road here in the city. An accident happens not only during rainy season but there are more dangers on the road when there is a

heavy rain. Here are some road alerts that we must be aware of to avoid accidents, hassles and trouble.


7 road alerts to avoid trouble during rainy season


1) Keep updated with the latest traffic news to avoid being stranded in the middle of the road.

2) If you are using your own car/vehicle take note of those particular roads that easily got flooded when it rains and check alternate route.

3) Keep some distant from sidewalks while waiting for public transport to avoid getting wet from water splash by fast

running vehicles.

4) Before alighting from vehicle check the road for open manhole or any holes and other obstruction that might cause accidents. Flood and dirty waters covers some holes or stones and other objects that usually causes accidents.

5) Take extra care while crossing the streets especially with heavy rains, because heavy rains cause poor vision, distraction and obstruction to some drivers.

6) Bring extra clothes if going to work just in case you get wet while on travel.

7) Put a sign in your steering wheel “stay cool”. Stay calm when you are driving. There are many unexpected things that might happen while you on the road then once you get annoyed and irritated it will surely cause a bigger problem.


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